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Hunting in Mesa County is as much about the experience and the landscape as it is about the hunt itself. The region offers breathtaking views, challenging terrain, and a chance to connect with nature in a profound way, whether you’re tracking elk through the high country of the Grand Mesa or stalking mule deer in the desert lowlands. The region and its diverse landscape also afford opportunities for moose, various small game and waterfowl.

Mesa County is home to the world-class Cameo Shooting and Education Complex (CSEC), a state-of-the-art shooting sports facility that caters to a wide range of shooting disciplines and skill levels from beginners to competitive shooters. The complex is an initiative by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and is part of their ongoing efforts to support and promote shooting sports, wildlife conservation, and outdoor recreation.

The Valley has an abundance of firearm and bow dealers, guides and outfitters, as well as clubs and associations to ensure you are properly equipped, trained and educated so you may enjoy the sport to its fullest. It’s also imperative that you know both State and County Laws as it pertains to guns.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) is the primary resource for hunters in Colorado, offering comprehensive information, education, and regulations to ensure safe, ethical, and sustainable hunting practices across the state. Visit their site frequently to stay apprised on season dates, bag limits, licensing requirements, tags and more.

Where To Hunt

Hunting units within Mesa County can vary slightly in their boundaries and are identified by numerical codes; a part of a larger system designed to regulate and manage game populations effectively across the state, ensuring sustainable hunting opportunities. The primary units for big game like elk, deer, and moose, each having designated seasons, tag allocations, and specific regulations to follow.

Unit #30

Located on the western side of Colorado on the Utah border, Unit 30 and is esteemed as a region with a healthy population of big game. With the Colorado River running along the southern border and the Demaree Canyon Wilderness Study Area located in this unit, this area offers a lot of inhabitable lands.

Unit #31 and Unit #32

Located east of Unit 30 on the western side of Colorado, Units 31 and 32 are bounded by the Colorado River on the southern boundary line. Piñon-juniper, with pockets of sagebrush, cover most of the area at lower elevations. Both have a lot of private land in the upper end of the units, which is where the elk will mainly reside during 1st rifle. Unit 31 does have some public land, but you will need to study maps to find the access routes. Do not underestimate the depth of the canyons nor the steepness; it’s big country. Unit 32 is mostly oil and gas up top, with less public land and less access.

Unit #40

Known for its elk and deer hunting, Unit 40 is part of the larger Book Cliffs area and is renowned for producing trophy-class animals. This unit often requires preference points to draw a tag, especially for non-residents.

Unit #41

This unit, along with Units 42 and 421, covers areas from the lower elevations near the Colorado River up to the higher elevations, including parts of the Grand Mesa. These units offer deer and elk hunting opportunities.

Unit #42

Encompassing parts of the Grand Mesa and surrounding areas, Unit 42 provides habitat for elk and mule deer. The diversity of terrain offers various hunting experiences.

Unit #421

Often combined with Unit 42 for hunting regulations, Unit 421 extends into parts of the Grand Mesa. It’s known for deer and elk.

Unit #61

This is another prime area for elk and deer hunting, known for its trophy potential. Unit 61 has high demand and requires a significant number of preference points to draw a tag.

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The Four C's of Hunting

Always make sure your actions are courteous, considerate, capable, and careful.

Respect Land Ownership

Follow Hunting Laws and Regulations

Practice Fair Chase

Minimize Disturbance

Pack Out What You Pack In

Harvest Ethically

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