in Tandem

The GVORC is proud to support two major initiatives on both a regional and national level in the West Slope Outdoors Alliance (WSOA) and the Confluence of States. Their respective mission and principles underscore the work we are doing at a local level.

A Regional Partnership that covers Delta, Mesa, and Montrose counties comprise of individuals representing nonprofits, government entities, businesses, agriculture, ranching and outdoor user groups who recognize the value of our region’s natural and recreation assets as drivers of economic stability, community wellness, and resiliency for our land and wildlife.

The outdoors is the wellspring of adventure, camaraderie, and solace, inspiring us to both explore new places and set down roots. Whereas nature is the backbone of the recreation economy, we are committed to fostering conservation and stewardship values, ensuring environmental quality, and restoring sustainable access to the outdoors for current and future generations. GVORC in representing the State of Colorado hereby adopt and commit to the following common principles:

  1. Conservation & Stewardship
  2. Education & Workforce Training
  3. Economic Development
  4. Public Health & Wellness
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